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Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer

Yocan Evolve Vaporizer

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Quick Overview

  • Instant heat-up time
  • Large heating chamber
  • Quartz dual coil
  • Long-life battery
  • Portable pen
  • $39.99

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    The Yocan Evolve is a vape pen which has been designed to bring supreme vaping quality without draining the wallet. This pen is stylish and sleek, offering excellent portability, which is enhanced further thanks to the big battery that’s included. Vapor quality with the Evolve is magnificent, and a direct result of the dual coil composed of a quartz material, which vapes your waxes with a pure, rich and flavorsome taste. It’s an upgrade from the old ceramic and steel materials which were previously used, and the chamber is big enough to hold plenty of wax or concentrate. The size of the chamber is a considerable bonus considering the pen itself has a vey small design – it’s the best of both worlds.

    Yocan have made vaping with the Evolve as relaxing and trouble-free as possible, making this the perfect entry pen for a new vaper. It heats up your chosen product in double quick time and will turn off after 10 seconds, giving you enough time to take a draw without heating excess vapor and using battery unnecessarily.

    Yocan has aimed to make the Evolve as easy to use as possible. After filling the heating chamber with your chosen concentrate, fit the cap and then attach the chamber to the pen. Once ready to go, press the power five buttons to boot up the pen – it takes five goes so it doesn’t turn on accidentally – and wait for the small LED light to blink thrice. After this, press and hold the button to begin heating the Evolve, and then start drawing – you can start drawing straight after you begin heating up the Evolve due to the near-instant heat-up time. After 10 seconds, the pen will stop heating up the concentrate. To keep going, repeat the process again, and if you’re all finished, press the power button five times as you did at the start to turn it on – you’ll get another three-blink alert from the pen.

    Yocan has tried to ensure that you have the best time possible with its vape pen with a few cool features. The cap on the heating chamber screws on nice and tightly, to prevent any possible leaking – so you can keep this pen on you without worrying about making a mess. Charging up the Evolve couldn’t be easier either with the USB charging technology. This means you can charge the pen through your computer, the television, a portable USB charging unit. But you can still charge through the wall if that’s easier.

    Style is key and, with many vaporizers limited in this area, the Yocan Evolve has gone the extra distance so its customers can find the design they want – this vape pen comes in orange, blue, red, black and silver. All designs have distinct class or discreetness, depending on your preferences, there’s bound to be the right skin for you.

    Yocan Evolve: A Nice Addition To The Vape Pen Market   

    Name: Yocan Evolve
    Brand: Yocan
    Release date: 2016
    Price: $39.99
    Use with: Concentrates
    Type: Pen


    The Yocan Evolve is a budget vaporizing pen from Yocan. A growing brand in vaping, Yocan have an increasingly wide range of portable vaporizers and vape pens on sale. Released in 2016, this pen is available for just $39.99 making it very affordable. This pen vapes concentrates and waxes. We had a go with the Yocan Evolve and this is what we thought about it.


    The Yocan Evolve has the perfect design for a vape pen – it’s attractive while remaining discreet, and it’s enjoyable to hold and use. This vape pen is sold in black, blue, orange, red and silver. With about the same width and length as most vape pens, the Evolve is the sort of device you can carry on you – although you do have to be a little cautious about leakage. The power button is in the middle of the vape pen, just below the Yocan logo. The mouthpiece is small and round, with a shiny design.


    Vaping Experience
    Vape pens are always easy to use and the Evolve is no exception. The heating chamber holds enough concentrate to give you enough for a few sessions, and it’s easy to attach the atomizer to the pen itself. After pressing the power button five times to turn on, hold it down to begin heating for 10 seconds. The Evolve’s large heating chamber allows for big draws, and the vapor produced has a decent taste and is smooth. However, there can at times be a noticeable harshness and a slightly burnt flavor. But remember, this is a budget pen, so quality isn’t going to be perfect.


    Further Thoughts
    The Evolve has a 650mAh lithium-ion battery which grants solid battery life, perhaps even better than with a standard vape pen. The USB charging feature is a nice perk too. The atomizer utilizes a quartz dual coil which is essential in producing acceptable vapor at a low cost. The setting which turns off the vaporizer after 10 seconds is good for safety and conservation reasons. It stops the pen from overheating and, because the pen is only on for a limited time, it’s not heating your concentrate or using your battery when you aren’t using it.


    For the price, the Yocan Evolve is a good value vape pen that will do the job at hand. If you’re not overly concerned about taste and just need the hit, then the Evolve will bring you that with a pen that heats up quickly and is simple to get the hang of.

    That said, there are a couple downsides – the vapor is not brilliant and can taste a little bit burnt at times. If quality is your priority then you may wish to upgrade to a more expensive pen.

    But the Evolve fits its target audience. A capable vape pen at a super cheap price, Yocan have come up with a product that’s perfect for the budget market.

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